Update to graphical prototype

We updated our graphical prototype with regard to the latest discussion in class. It can be seen here.


GA 4.3. Testing the paper prototypes

User feedback summary

Hans (prototype v1.0):

  • likes to have a separate account for each app
  • feeling uncomfortable with adding songs because doesn’t want to ruin atmosphere
  • the choice of music really matters, people can be really slow about choosing an appropriate song
  • the search button is very small
  • clicked the V indicator in the playlist instead of heart button. V indicator is bad, too similar
  • preview doesn’t work for me in a noisy place
  • would like to bookmark song to personal Spotify
  • heart is a wrong symbol – i cannot like what i haven’t heard

Rasmus (1.0):

  • where i’m getting code – from tv screen?
  • numbers in playlist – I don’t get how it’s sorted
  • confused name of playlist with the first song
  • solution for “V” problem – just heart and number nearby
  • will it filter as I type?
  • virtual tokens/coins are better than usds for credit
  • Pyro – iphone app – how interactions work
  • ‘add to playlist’ doesn’t look like a link

Maciej (1.0):

  • if i’m alone – i’d rather know what i’m giving out logging in, so i’d click why login or go anonymous; if with friend – facebook
  • ‘add to playlist’ doesn’t look like a link
  • i would press the V button
  • for me heart icon means “i like it”, and i would anticipate a notification about this song when it’ll play. up arrow’d be better
  • playlist order is clear, like in spotify
  • single song screen: for me works as in Deezer, carousel. Tinder like swiping would work if there would be an indication what will happen
  • preview button – could be cool if it plays as long you press the button

Tamara (1.1, playlist items in the prototype changed to printed ones):

  • the app could be actually a part of a venue’s app – people could pay from it for drinks and get them from baristas by showing the code on the phone screen without need to outvoice the surrounding noise
  • a possibility to pay for voting from the app, not only by entering codes from receipts would be good
  • tv could show the readiness of order made previously from an app
  • i would like to login with my email
  • it seems natural for me that my voted songs will be saved over time in the app
  • i’ve thought that logging in with a Facebook account will share all voted songs on FB automatically
  • the digit code on login screen — i’m uncertain whether it is the code of the venue or of the playlist
  • the possibility to add a new song (if you want to add it right away) is not visible, the adding via search button is not obvious
  • the order of the playlist is not clear for me
  • i would prefer to see the song added by me on the top (some kind of fixed bar with the added songs’ status?) or highlighted by color
  • will the popup tooltip over the vote button about the possibility to long-press it be there every time or…? How will I know about it if it’s not there? maybe you need a second button for supervoting
  • not fully clear from the interface how much votes will be needed for raising a song higher (one)
  • arrows in the single song screen mean for me that it’s a carousel
  • i wouldn’t like the possibility to vote swiping left/right, i’m familiar with this Tinder-like pattern but that way I could accidentally, too easily vote for a song that I don’t like and lose my money

Repeating issues:

  • V indicator is often mistaken for the Vote button (3)
  • I’d like to have a possibility to login by email (2)
  • heart is a wrong symbol for a voting icon (2)
  • the order of the playlist is not clear (2)
  • Tinder-like swiping may not work (2)

Proposed changes:

The following changes will be made to the next interation of the prototype based on the first testing feedback:

  1. a separate task for testing the bar credit entering process including additional prototype elements
  2. a screen with all-voted-for-ever songs
  3. a variant of voting button — arrow up (should be tested and compared)
  4. separate button for adding new songs (“+”?)
  5. ‘add to playlist’ should look like a link/button
  6. short help introduction screen in the beginning with info where to get credit codes and how algorithm  works
  7. switcher for tinder-mode?
  8. tips for arrows in tinder-mode
  9. clarify when to show long-press-to-supervote tooltip
  10. songs added by me highlighted in playlist
  11. an information somewhere about privacy when logging in via FB
  12. numbers in playlist
  13. replace cents with virtual currency (beers?)
  14. increase the size of upper bar buttons
  15. filter while typing
  16. add login with email button and register screen
  17. divide visually the name of the playlist
  18. add sharing to spotify

GA 4.1. Creating testing tasks


  1. You’d like to login and get to the playlist of the event you’re in right now
  2. You’d like to find a specific song you’ve heard in the morning and you want as much people to hear it
  3. You’d like to share that song with people so it would play at the event
  4. You’d like to browse through existing songs in the playlist and vote for them if they deserve it

GA 2.1. Scenario 4: Kate in Garage48

Activity scenario

In Garage 48 there is a networking event. Kate is there, she’s waiting for a friend and a bit bored. She notices thanks to the flyer that there’s a voting system working at the event she heard about recently. She thinks it’s a good idea to share a great song she woke up with in the morning having a radio station as the alarm clock. She installs the app to her phone, finds this song in the library and votes for it, but sees that her song doesn’t have enough votes yet to be played anytime soon. She thinks about alternatives and browses the songs that are already in the playlist. She notices several nice songs and sees that they’re added by the same person, a guy with blonde hair which can be known by his userpic along with each song. Maybe he’s still here, she thinks, and glances over the event room. The guy is indeed there, sitting in the corner and mashing the buttons of his phone. maybe it’s time to have a chit chat with him, she thinks and approaches him. They have a nice talk, his name is Mark. She asks him if he knows the song she’s heard in the morning, and he answers positively, he’s a fresh fan of that group. He votes for this song and it goes higher. Kate thanks him for his good taste and God for another pretty boy in her life. Her friend comes, but her attention is already stolen by Mark.


  1. Would you imagine yourself in place of Kate?
  2. Do you think that music is an important part of networking events?
  3. Have you found yourself bored on a networking event?
  4. Would you approach an unknown person just because of the music he/she listens to?

GA 2.1. Scenario 3: A jazz event in Anthony’s bar

Activity scenario

Anthony want to do a jazz event in his bar, where people come and share their own kind of jazz music from the countries they come from using the Jukebox app.

He has created a simple playlist with famous artists representing different countries of jazz music to engage visitors to add their own tracks, and vote for the best one. Every song in his initial playlist has a medium rating, and people are encouraged to add new songs which gain better rating thanks to the other users.

The people in the bar open the app or install it via the QR code. They can see the list he started there. If they like, they press the add button, search for tracks they like and add them.

Users are also able to check the tracks that are being added and if it happens to be interested in the country a track came from they can vote for it, and this track will be played sooner. However, Anthony keeps managing the playlist while the songs are playing, moving them manually later or earlier, so that no music from one country would not dominate for a long time.

There is a prize for the one who suggested most voted for songs at the event.


  1. Is this a realistic scenario?
  2. How would you like to install an app that you only got to know about but need right away?
  3. How would you evaluate the fact that Anthony keeps control over the order of songs (not over the titles though)?