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GA 2.2. Scenario-based Design Session

We did three short sessions with three different groups, taking a different scenario each time, because most of our participants did not have time enough to conduct all three scenarios in a row. We used our scenarios to put the group’s members mind in the situation so they would feel how it is to use the application.

The sessions was conducted in different areas of TLU, with students from different academic backgrounds, age groups and gender, however, they all expressed interest in going out (there was a control question asked). All subjects were asked a permission to conduct an audio recording of the session. Designer’s name — Almonzer Eskandar.


Group #1

Participants info: 2 female students, from Austria, and a male student, Asian
Duration: circa 40 min

After explaining the app idea (successfully), and presenting the networking scenario to them (Garage 48 Event), they were concerned about:

  • the number of songs each person could vote for,
  • would it hurt performance if there were over hundred users at a place and all of them would add music tracks in an unlimited way,
  • how others will vote for them,
  • and how difficult would it be to scroll through all this amount of songs and vote for the one they will like.
    It was said, ‘Mostly I will get bored and stop using it’.
    Regarding the idea of having personal account, they showed an interest, however, only in case if the app would give them discounts or bonuses when they are in the bar.

Group #2

Participant info: male and female students, more info unavailable (they were late for the class)
Duration: ~15 min

We had difficulties presenting the app idea, it was totally new for them.
The girl, for example, asked after introduction why would she use the app. After more explanation, they agreed that the idea is interesting, but that they still cannot imagine themselves using it. In case they were in an event (we discussed Jazz event scenario), they would like to have it and track the ratings songs get but not actually participate in the voting procedure (passive participation). This reaction may be explained by the fact that there was time pressure factor as they were late for their class.

Group #3

Participants info: a female student, Finnish
Duration: 25 min

Here we had initially the same problem as with the previous group, that is with explaining the idea of the app. At first the girl said it is so complicated for her. After elaborating more on the idea, she was more interested in participation in the voting. One concern was would the app be simple or confusing with many buttons, is it hard to do the process of adding a song.
The voting system caught her attention, and she was interested in how it would be implemented.