Graphical Prototype

Here’s the link to our graphical prototype in InvisionApp: The prototype layouts made in Adobe Illustrator can be downloaded from GitHub.


2 thoughts on “Graphical Prototype

  1. I would have liked to see the interface of the big screen as well, but I’m not sure about the latest developments of your project, so maybe you now only have the mobile view or something.

    Anyway, two things:

    1. the ‘now playing’ and ‘search’ text is dark red on a rather dark blue’ish background, which makes it a big ‘no-no’. It’s really hard to read and I’m not sure if it’s me or my monitor but the combination of those two colors make me a bit dizzy if I look at it. But anyhow, not enough contrast between background and text color. Not accessible, Vladimir would not approve.

    2. the use of the magnifying glass icon is a bit unconventional, I think. I would rather use the plus icon instead. Not a big deal and the user will probably adjust and figure it out, but conventionally the magnifying glass icon is mostly associated with ‘search’ and usually from the same page (in your case, from the list of songs, I would assume) but the action for the button in you prototype is actually ‘add song’ to the list. Thus, the + icon would be more appropriate in that context.

    Otherwise, all right. I’ll skip picking on some instances of the copy text and will go and listen to some Jamiroquai instead.


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