My comments on iBeacon

Ashley: Problem scenario

This scenario appears realistic to me. I am not blind but I think that finding way must be very depressed for blind people.

  1. Yes, this is situation when blind people want use your application.
  2. It can look realistic but you have to install special hardware to every building where you want use this application. I do not know if it is realistic to you.
  3. I want add notice to some dangerous places like start of stairs or end of balcony.
  4. Yes, vibration alerting system can by useful for some very important warning.
  5. Definitely yes.
  6. Every public places where blind people go. But mainly place where are many people like shops, schools, or underground.

Ashley: Activity scenario

This scenario appears very idealistic to me. I thing that in real usage application will not work so perfect and the application can make some inaccuracy. Aside from these things this scenario can be possible.

  1. Yes, this scenario gives me clear understanding about application usage.
  2. First you have to install special hardware to as much as possible buildings, then this application can looking realistic.

Gabriel: Activity scenario

This scenario is very similar to previous scenario.

  1. No
  2. No, it is OK.
  3. I think that this application is very helpful to blind users. It can absolutely change them meaning.
  4. I thing that it is very interesting and useful application and every blind, who visits building where is installed ibeacon device, want use this application.

Alex: Activity scenario

This scenario is very interesting. It is good idea to use this application for people who are not blind but cannot use hands during walking.

  1. Mainly voice control, but touch control can be useful for someone too.
  2. I would recommend this app all blind person.
  3. Yes.

James: Interaction Scenario

This scenario is very similar to some previous scenarios.

  1. I like this application and it can be very helpful for blind people. In the buildings it will be better helper then guide-dog. It will be their the best helper.
  2. I do not have any blind friend or person.

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