GA 2.1. Scenario 4: Kate in Garage48

Activity scenario

In Garage 48 there is a networking event. Kate is there, she’s waiting for a friend and a bit bored. She notices thanks to the flyer that there’s a voting system working at the event she heard about recently. She thinks it’s a good idea to share a great song she woke up with in the morning having a radio station as the alarm clock. She installs the app to her phone, finds this song in the library and votes for it, but sees that her song doesn’t have enough votes yet to be played anytime soon. She thinks about alternatives and browses the songs that are already in the playlist. She notices several nice songs and sees that they’re added by the same person, a guy with blonde hair which can be known by his userpic along with each song. Maybe he’s still here, she thinks, and glances over the event room. The guy is indeed there, sitting in the corner and mashing the buttons of his phone. maybe it’s time to have a chit chat with him, she thinks and approaches him. They have a nice talk, his name is Mark. She asks him if he knows the song she’s heard in the morning, and he answers positively, he’s a fresh fan of that group. He votes for this song and it goes higher. Kate thanks him for his good taste and God for another pretty boy in her life. Her friend comes, but her attention is already stolen by Mark.


  1. Would you imagine yourself in place of Kate?
  2. Do you think that music is an important part of networking events?
  3. Have you found yourself bored on a networking event?
  4. Would you approach an unknown person just because of the music he/she listens to?

9 thoughts on “GA 2.1. Scenario 4: Kate in Garage48

  1. I could imagine myself in place of Kate. Networking parties are perfect for using this app, and the confusion regarding installing / on-boarding and first steps are perfect for asking some help and icebreaking.
    Also the Garage 48 context is perfect – people are open to try new things.

    Music and the rhythm is important to set a tone for networking party. But music still will be in secondary or third position after people and beer. In fact, too much emphasis on music can ruin the professional networking party (as recently experienced at UX Riga afterparty).

    Music the person is listening could be used as an opening question, but not the main reason to approach someone in networking event. Prior that I have to have some other interest to be introduced with the person, e.g. knowing his/her area of work or seeing some interesting people around.

    You can get bored in a networking event, if you are not open and proactive to find new contacts or if there are not much alike people or people you know. In that case music app wouldn’t help and I would leave.


  2. The scenario is well written and realistic.

    The questions are fine as well.

    So, I’ll just answer them.

    1. Yes. I’d probably use the system in a similar occasion.
    2. No. More of a background thing. Could spark conversation topics and brake ice, but probably only in rare cases.
    3. Yes. Story of my life.
    4. In most cases not knowing the music they listen to constitutes to the meaning of an unknown person. But in the rare cases like the one described in the scenario where you could get some insight into what kind of music that unknown person might prefer, I’d say I would approach them only if there’s some other reason to do that as well. Much like for Kate, the underlying rationale for approaching Mark was probably the combination of upvoting her song and getting laid. Not so much the type of music he’s into.


  3. This is a good scenario, though I’d maybe consider adding some curator functionality, so that suddenly, during a networking events people don’t put Slayer on. I really like the social component in the application.


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