GA 2.1. Scenario 3: A jazz event in Anthony’s bar

Activity scenario

Anthony want to do a jazz event in his bar, where people come and share their own kind of jazz music from the countries they come from using the Jukebox app.

He has created a simple playlist with famous artists representing different countries of jazz music to engage visitors to add their own tracks, and vote for the best one. Every song in his initial playlist has a medium rating, and people are encouraged to add new songs which gain better rating thanks to the other users.

The people in the bar open the app or install it via the QR code. They can see the list he started there. If they like, they press the add button, search for tracks they like and add them.

Users are also able to check the tracks that are being added and if it happens to be interested in the country a track came from they can vote for it, and this track will be played sooner. However, Anthony keeps managing the playlist while the songs are playing, moving them manually later or earlier, so that no music from one country would not dominate for a long time.

There is a prize for the one who suggested most voted for songs at the event.


  1. Is this a realistic scenario?
  2. How would you like to install an app that you only got to know about but need right away?
  3. How would you evaluate the fact that Anthony keeps control over the order of songs (not over the titles though)?

6 thoughts on “GA 2.1. Scenario 3: A jazz event in Anthony’s bar

  1. As a Jazz bar person 🙂 I would say this is unlikely situation.
    Fist, jazz is more related to improvisation and a lot of new composition, atmosphere, it’s not so much about listening the top/popular ones. So it would really hard to choose something from the list, where more than a half of titles you don’t know.
    Secondly – people who go to jazz places are a bit older ones, not so much in new technologies, and most often they are couples, going to spend a good, relaxing evening out each with another. Mobile app download, QR code, interaction with technology and other people would be something that would distract their plans of intimacy.

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  2. Well, it’s hard to say if the scenario is realistic or not. I’m sure it can happen and probably has happened as well, that someone like Anthony wants to try something like the AdvancedJukebox system in their bar. But the question is, how successfully. If in the scenario by ‘people in the bar open the app…’ is meant all the people or the majority of people then I’d say the scenario, especially in the case of a jazz event is unrealistic. But if it’s just couple of people, then, yeah, why not.

    In the intro of their song ‘Loud Minority’ United Future Organization offer an insight into why one particular individual goes to a jazz night club. Unrelated, but awesome track nonetheless

    The usage of QR codes is statistically very low. It could be one option to connect, but definitely not the only one. To answer the second question, I’d probably not want to install anything. Seem to be too much commitment from my side. Going to an URL would be much easier step to take in this case.

    To answer the third question. It’s seems a bit unrealistic that he would have that much time during the event to monitor the playlist in real time or could be bothered to deal with something as low impact task as this. Unless he’s a control freak maniac. Then yes.

    And of course I would change the wording of the question. How would you evaluate the fact that… -> what do you think about…

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  3. There should be a way to restrict access to voting and playlist editing only for people resent in the bar. I think it is a good idea that Anthony has certain control over playlist.

    What is the rating scheme for songs? I think simple +/- voting would be sufficient.

    Jazz artists are not often very well known. How do people know from which country the artist is? Country is not included in ID3 metadata tags.

    Also, see Liga’s comment about Jazz music.

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  4. If I need to download a special application to vote for a song in a bar that I don’t go frequently to, I’d say that is not very likely that I’d download it at all.

    I like the idea of balancing countries (or genres, for that matter), but it would be much more useful if it could be automated.


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