GA 1.1. Secondary persona: Kate

This is the secondary persona in the group assignment 1.1. Creating Personas.

persona 3Click on the picture to download the printable PDF with all of the personas

Kate is 20 years old bachelor degree student in Economics. She lives in a big city. She likes nightlife, student parties and networking events and basically every place where she can make new friends. She visits night clubs with friends almost every week. Her Facebook profile has already 623 friends and keeps growing with every day.

She has a smartphone and spends a lot of time every day listening to to the “Popular now” playlist on Spotify on her smartphone. Her favourite music genres are pop and dance music but she loves discovering new genres and songs. She isn’t particularly apt in music but it allows her to release her emotions and energy.

Short Info

  • Age: 20
  • Occupation: bachelor student
  • Education: bachelor studies, economics
  • Interests: parties, music, nightlife, friends


  • Find new friends
  • Share her favorite new songs with the friends and other people
  • Have fun hanging out with others

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