GA 1.1. Secondary persona: David

This is the secondary persona in the group assignment 1.1. Creating Personas.

persona2Click on the picture to download the printable PDF with all of the personas

persona2-portraitDavid has passion to music since he was 6 years old. You can see him on any musical event in town. He also does music and mashups of his own. What he does not like is to be forced to listen to bad music. He likes to share his musical tastes and hear what others like.
When in a pub or a club he tries to talk with the bartender to put some of the music he has which is most of the time a long process.

Short Info

  • age: 33
  • occupation: Radio Go
  • education: BA in music Production
  • interests: music, parties, sound hardware and software


  • Share the music he loves with others
  • Be on the verge of what’s popular in the music
  • Participate in designing the atmosphere around him

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