GA 1.1. Negative persona: Ola

This is the third, negative persona in the group assignment 1.1. Creating Personas.

persona3Click on the picture to download the printable PDF with all of the personas

persona3-portraitOla is doing her full time bachelor degree in Chemistry and also works part time as a shop assistant. Usually she spends her evenings studying or working, she visits pubs or clubs very rarely. If she does, she wants to spend time with her friends and focus completely on conversation. She’s rather an introvert, so meeting new people or engaging into collective activity aren’t her priorities. She’s also a fan of traditional cell phones, she’s never bought a smartphone. Ola tries to lead a healthy life and promote fair trade, she dislikes commodities produced by corporations.

Short Info

  • age: 22
  • occupation: shop assistant
  • education: bachelor studies
  • interests: healthy lifestyle, indie music


  • Personalization: “I’m not so out-going or party person, so when I finally go somewhere I need to be sure, that the place will be good enough. I want to know what kind of music will be there or do they have enough place to sit and talk in peace”
  • Socialization: “I have my small chain of closest friends and we manage to see each other only every two, three weeks. I hate when they check something in their phones all the time and we can hardly chat. And I admit, I’m too shy to start a conversation with a stranger”

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