GA 1.1. Primary persona: Anthony

This is the primary persona in the group assignment 1.1. Creating Personas.

persona1Click on the picture to download the printable PDF with all of the personas

persona1-portraitAnthony is a middle aged businessman with an energetic youth. Over the years he’s become a reasonable person but he maintains an open minded nature and strives for being in the center of community. He’s recently started to run a bar in a gentrificated district of town. He tries to combine profits with the enjoyment of having an own venue where more than just his friends could gather; he’d like to establish a permanent core audience for the location and its events. He doesn’t have any special interest for music but he’s really concerned with having a quality crowd each evening and eventually getting in the local Timeout edition. That’s why he always looks for an idea for a new party or that new special thing that should make his venue a center for attraction.

Short info

  • age: 41
  • occupation: Bar owner
  • education: BA in oenology
  • interests: show business, wines


  • Attract quality visitors
  • Be in the local entertainment news
  • Design the atmosphere for parties held in his bar



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